Index Dividers 101

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Make Binders More Functional
A presentation binder is the visual representation of a business and is what clients and customers will take away with them. Custom binders have a special design making them attractive for people to pick up. However, if the information isn't organized well, readers will quickly lose interest.
Adding some organization to a custom binder will help impact the audience even further. One of the best and most efficient way to sort, arrange and categorize information for readers is with index dividers. Dividers and custom index tabs easily break up information into easily digestible pieces that are organized in a logical way, helping the reader to quickly find what they are looking for. Although index tabs seem like a simple concept, they require careful planning to ensure the proper shape, size and style to complement a binder.
Organize by Colour
Indexing tabs are available in a wide variety of colours. A tabbed colour scheme can add an even greater degree of organizational effectiveness. To keep things balanced, try darker hues at the top of the index tabs and filter down to lighter shades. Colour coding is also a way to convey information quickly for a faster visual search. Tabs can also be organized in the following ways:
  • Alphabetically;
  • Chronologically by topic;
  • Numerically.
Always take into account the most coherent way that readers will be able to digest the information. Breaking up text copy into chunks can make information more readable. Large blocks of text can intimidate the reader, but using index tabs to divide various sections will help them easily locate what they are looking for.
Liven up the Look of Index Dividers
Add some zest to standard index dividers by including text or pictures onto the dividers themselves. Go beyond the standard white or ivory index stock paper and have index tabs printed on coloured stock. Other ideas of what to include on custom dividers are:
  • Table of contents;
  • Interesting facts;
  • Quotes; and
  • Summaries.
The size of index tabs can also be tailored to fit the size of the paper and how far they should stick out. The most commonly used tabs have rounded corners and extend half of an inch beyond the pages of the book. Custom designs can also be created to give index dividers a more personal touch. Consider making functional index tabs more luxurious with hot foil stamping – a simple process that applies a metallic foil to the paper using a heated die. Foil stamping gives index tabs a classier look.
Tabs can be printed with text as long as there is enough room for the words to be legible. Printing options for index tabs can be adapted to personal preference such as using a reverse colour, where the tab is filled with a particular colour and the text is kept the same hue as the background. Index tabs are simple but effective tools that complete custom binders and allow you to quickly find what you are searching for. Presenting content in a more creative and organized format will have a greater impression on the audience.